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      The horse industry technology(Qufu)Co., LTD is a German MATOGroup company in China,Responsible for GermanyMATOAll business in China。MATOGroup in the conveyor maintenance and lubrication and charging technology two aspects to provide users with the highest quality of service。【Detailed content
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In today,There is no second product can provide like in the worldMATOThe strength of the belt buckle so high、Such high connection efficiency,And the ability to let the customer have such a high security。Have the moving parts in equipment and machinery。As far as possible in order to reduce the friction and wear,And to prevent corrosion and pollution,A variety of lubricant is used。MATOLubrication and charging technology can ensure lubricant is reliable、Security、Economy and pollution-free is used。
Conveyor belt maintenance  Lubrication and filling technology